Demonstration Services

Servers & Storage Demonstration Centre

The IBM STG Solution Centre offers to clients & partners the opportunity to demonstrate or run a ‘Proof of Technology’ session the technologies they are considering and to test drive their individual solutions. Our goal is to give our customers assurance that their implementation will be successful. The Centre presents a multitude of today’s technologies – multi-environment servers, IBM storage systems, Middle ware offerings and Vitalisation capabilities – all in a working environment, capable of testing and development for client projects.

These facilities are housed in LAGOS and NAIROBI. We welcome clients and partners from neighbouring countries to visit our locations. We also consider on site Proof of Technology projects.

Featured Technologies

The Centre includes a wide-range of technologies, including the following equipment and software:
· AIX Based Servers and operating systems
· Linux based servers (both x86 and POWER)
· Blade servers x86 –HS21 and POWER JS22.
· IBM XIV , V7000 and DS5300 Storage Servers
· SAN (Storage Area Network) infrastructure
· Server and storage Vitalisation technologies
· Middle ware, Web Application servers, Storage management software

Key Features and Benefits

The STG Solution centre which show cases the ultimate in resource utilisation comprises an optimised environmentally-controlled data centre, a presentation theatre, training classrooms and professional Exam centres. Through the centre, Partners can offer demos of the latest technologies, perform product evaluations and proofs of concept, showcase applications from Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), conduct briefings and classes and much more.

· IBM Storage Technologies Demo Centre – Our centre showcases all IBM storage technologies in a mixed platform environment for product demonstrations, test drives, solution design and implementation support.
· IBM Business Partner Innovation Centre (BPIC) – This unique designation reflects the Centre’s capability to provide pre- and post-sales support around IBM-based solutions. Such support services include product demonstrations and test drives, solution design consultation, proof-of-concept support, product installation and implementation assistance, training, education, and customized workshops.
· ISV Software Application Testing and Benchmarking – If you are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) who needs to test validate your solution on a particular platform, perform some stress/performance testing, or demonstrate your solution on a regional basis, our Centre is ready to help.

How to Arrange a Visit

If you would like more information about our centre, or if you are interested in having someone contact you to arrange a potential visit or for usage of our centre, please capture you interest by completing a request via our ‘CONTACT US’ option of by contacting a Tri-Continental representative:

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