Managed Services

In the CEWA region our business partner community have the skills and resources to serve clients with requirements for various services, ranging from desk top service and data centre services. Tri-Continental is able to support our partners in this business.

There is a growing demand for MANAGED SERVICES from Global Multi-National corporations to provide them with a single agreement and service level across multiple brands and countries. Tri-Continental, through is presence and resources, and in conjunction with our business partners, are able to respond to this need.

A Managed Service agreement typically ranges from 12 months to 3 years and sometimes longer based on specific needs in two main areas:

DESK TOP MANAGED SERVICES: The end user services include the design, deployment, updating, help desk and managing of the desk top technologies including from desktops mobile devices, printers, local networking and server environment. We are able to provide you with local resources to support your branch office deployment across Africa.

DATA CENTRE MANAGED SERVICES : This involves the decision to outsource various IT task within the data centre ranging from Hardware Monitoring, operating systems installations and ongoing support and management for AIX, Linux and Microsoft as examples. This may also include storage and systems management within the production and disaster recovery locations.

We are able to package these and other similar options into flexible managed service agreements, with flexible monthly or quarterly payments for period of typically up to 3 years.
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